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UCSavvy is a new initiative from Just Finance Foundation and Just Finance Black Country. 

We have listened to claimants and agencies that work with them, and  heard their worries about the complexity of the UC application process.  In response, we have quickly developed this short course, to get help to people as UC rolls out.  We know that there will be scope to improve and refine it in the light of your feedback as you use it.

UC Savvy is a short course that can be delivered  in under an hour, either to claimants (the grassroots version) or to those who support them in churches, drop-ins and other charities working with people on benefits (the organisation version).    It is designed to help people understand and negotiate some of the complexities of Universal Credit .  It is not designed to enable you to give advice but will help with understanding and with signposting to advice.  The course resources contain a set of slides and printable leaflets for people to take away.

If you have any questions, please contact Polly Taylor

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There is  information about UC and benefits in JFF's Cash Smart Credit Savvy resources - an initiative that helps people talk and learn about managing their money better.  More information can be found on the Cash Smart Credit Savvy page